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What they are saying about SMG!

Juan Herrerra 
We had a great experience with Coach Sharp. He puts a lot of heart into coaching and understanding the athlete. I can tell that my son felt more confident in his basketball skills just after the first session. We look forward to continuing to work with coach Sharp and would highly recommend him if you want to increase your kids undiscovered potential and confidence! 


Kristoffer M.
Coach Sharp did an awesome job with my daughter in her 1st session. He related to her in a way she could understand & he explained the purposes behind the drills they were working on. Everything was fundamentally based and had practical application to game scenarios. I appreciated that he was teaching her (in essence) to “crawl before you walk.” I am a basketball fundamentalist at heart and Coach Sharp is able to teach my daughter the things I want her to know about the game but that she won’t hear from me cause I’m dad! Haha! Great job Coach Sharp... I definitely recommend him !!!!










Iene E.
Loved the passion he displays in teaching & coaching my 13yr old daughter. At that age I think it’s perfect to start developing the proper mindset he teaches to be a winner & understand the importance of not giving up. I could see the 20+yrs of experience in everything he says. He’s direct, honest & fair. Mr. & Mrs. Espinoza


Virgil C.
Coach Sharp has been a great help to my 6’8” Jr all star. Making good players better is his strong point.

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