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SMG Basketball 

SMG Basketball is a 1 on 1 Basketball Training Program in Bakersfield, California that is for girls and boys ages 11-21, SMG is built on the fundamentals of basketball. We work with each individual player to establish a solid fundamental foundation. What makes us different? We also work with each individual player on developing a strong fundamental  mind-set to establish the complete player. We also offer a complete strength training and agility and conditioning program directly designed for basketball. If your serious about improving your game don't hesitate give a call today and start Training to Perform! 

Welcome to SMG Basketball. It is our goal to help each athlete reach and exceed their individual potential through fundamental basketball training sessions and strength training sessions designed for basketball. We are committed to the complete development of each athlete in our program both physically and mentally. Our goal for each SMG Athlete is to help them reach and exceed thier individaul potential. We believe the game changer at SMG is we teach each athlete how to Train to Perform. 


The following details outline our month to month training program: 


1. Basketball Tarining sessions are scheduled monthly and must be scheduled prior to the start of each month.  (Basketball Training sessions are one hour  long.) 


2. Strength Training Sessions are scheduled monthly and must be scheduled prior the start of each month.  (Strength Training Session are thirty minutes long). 

3. Basketball  Agility and Conditioning Training Sessions are scheduled monthly and must be scheduled prior to the start of each motnh. (Agility sessions are thirty minutes long)


4. All Training Sessions must be completed in the month they are scheduled. (The only time Training Sessions will carried over to the next month is due to illness or injury). 

We are very excited to have you as a member of SMG Basketball and we look forward to working with you-so you can meet and exceed your potential by Training to Perform

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